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Distinguished and Famous people from Moora

1. Sir David Brand (1912-1979)

Sir David Brand was an Australian politician and the longest-serving Premier of Western Australia, holding the position for over 12 years from 1959 to 1971. He was born in Moora and grew up on a farm in the region. Brand was highly regarded for his leadership during a time of significant economic growth and development in Western Australia.

2. Charles Harper (1870-1950)

Charles Harper was an early pioneer and settler of Moora, Western Australia. He arrived in the area in the late 1890s and became a prominent figure in the community. Harper was involved in various business ventures, including hotel ownership, and was known for his contributions to the development of Moora.

3. John Clarkson Wittenoom (1851-1936)

John Clarkson Wittenoom was an Australian pastoralist and politician. He played a significant role in the settlement and development of Moora and the surrounding region. Wittenoom held various political positions, including Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council. He was also involved in the mining industry and served as the Chairman of the Mining Board.

4. Honoria Wittenoom (1879-1958)

Honoria Wittenoom was an Australian artist and the daughter of John Clarkson Wittenoom. She grew up in Moora and later became known for her landscape paintings. Wittenoom's artworks captured the natural beauty of the Western Australian outback, particularly the regions around Moora and the nearby Mingenew area.

5. Robert Cuschieri (born 1954)

Robert Cuschieri is an Australian sculptor and artist hailing from Moora. He is known for his unique and intricate metal sculptures, predominantly created using recycled materials. Cuschieri's works have been exhibited in various galleries and public spaces both in Australia and internationally.

6. Mary Durack (1913-1994)

Mary Durack was an Australian author and historian, famous for her works focused on the history of Western Australia and the pioneering era. Although not directly from Moora, she spent part of her childhood in the region as her family owned properties nearby. Durack's notable works include "Kings in Grass Castles" and "Sons in the Saddle."

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